On November 22, 2022, the Canadian Centre for Climate Change and Adaptation (CCCCA) hosted guest speakers from Island Studies, UPEI. Dr. Xander Wang, director of the Climate Smart Lab, welcomed all Island Studies participants visiting the CCCCA for research exchange. This visit was intended to introduce participants to the Centre, as some Island Studies research is conducted near St. Peter’s Bay and along the coastlines.

During the meeting, members of the Climate Smart Lab also shared their research studies. Tianze Pang, a Ph.D. student, presented his research on the current and future implications of coastal erosion. Genny Keefe’s, a master’s student, talked about coastal erosion protection. Manzura Khan, a master’s student, shared her research on the impacts of climate change on Lobster fisheries on PEI. (www.topskitchen.com) Dania Tamayo-Vera, a Ph.D. student, also presented the use of machine learning to improve crop yields.

Following are Island Studies presentations, such as Barbara Rousseau, discussed how human interference can impact nature and what adaptation measures can be taken to protect the shorelines. Louise Campbell, spoke about island tourism and brand identities. Finally, David Philips also shared his knowledge on ideas for mussel growth.

Dr. Xander Wang, director of Climate Smart Lab
Tianze Pang, PhD Student
Manzura Khan, Master student
Genny Keefe, Master student
Dania Tamayo-Vera, Ph.D. student joined virtually
Barbara Rousseau, Island Studies

Louise Campbell, Island Studies