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Latest Publications

  • Island-Wide Assessment of Hurricane Fiona’s Impact on PEI Coastal Environments
    The members of Climate Smart Lab, Tianze Pang (first author), Dr. Xander Wang (corresponding author), Sana Basheer, and Ryan Guild, have published a research paper in the well-known journal Science of the Total Environment entitled “Landcover-based detection of rapid impacts of extreme storm on coastal landscape”. Research Summary Our results […]
  • Assessing social-ecological vulnerability and risk to coastal flooding
    Social-ecological vulnerability roles an important aspect in coastal sustainability. Research on assessing social-ecological vulnerability and risk to coastal flooding was conducted by research team members led by Dr. Mohamad Shad and his co-author. Abstract Traditional flood risk assessment studies mainly looked at potential exposures and damage to human settlements, without […]
  • Climate Change Impacts on Potato Storage
    Potato storage can help reduce food loss and waste while increasing long-term food security. Research on climate change impacts on potato storage was carried out by climate-smart lab team members, leading by Shu and his co-authors. Abstract In this study, we present a comprehensive literature review of the potential impacts […]
  • Destination Management Organizations’ Roles in Sustainable Tourism in the Face of Climate Change: An Overview of Prince Edward Island
    A new research on Destination Management Organizations’ Roles in Sustainable Tourism in the Face of Climate Change was recently published by Students at Climate Change Adaptation and members from Climate Smart Lab Abstract Globally, destination management organizations (DMOs) are becoming increasingly known for their sustainable practices. Despite the importance of […]
  • Real-Time Peak Flow Prediction Based on Signal Matching
    Members of Climate Smart Lab, Dr. Xiuquan Wang, Dr. Quan Dau and Farhan Aziz, recently published a study on Real-Time Peak Flow Prediction Based on Signal Matching. Abstract Real-time peak flow prediction under heavy precipitation is critically important for flood emergency evacuation planning and management. In the case of emergency […]
  • Challenges and Recommendations on Coastal Flood Warning
    Members of the Climate Smart Lab recently published a paper in the journal Sustainability titled “Effective Communication of Coastal Flood Warnings: Challenges and Recommendations.” Authored by PhD student Tianze Pang and corresponding author Dr. Xander Wang, the study highlights the potential for improving current coastal flood warning systems. This enhancement […]
  • Spatiotemporal Trends in Temperature and Precipitation for Prince Edward Island Over 1971–2020
    Members of Climate Smart Lab, Rana Ali Nawaz, Dr. Xiuquan Wang, Sana Basheer, Katie Sonier, Tianze Pang, and Toyin Adekanmbi, recently published a study on Spatiotemporal trends in temperature and precipitation for PEI between 1971-2020. Abstract Climate change has been attracting significant attention in Canada lately. This study investigates spatiotemporal […]
  • A New Research about the Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Current Coastal Ecosystems
    Climate Smart Lab members, including Dr. Quan Dau, Dr. Xander Wang, Dr. Aminur Shad, Dr. Pelin Kinay, and Sana Basheer, recently published a study about assessing the potential impacts of climate change on current coastal ecosystems in the Remote Sensing journal. Abstract Understanding how climate change affects coastal ecosystems is […]
  • New opinions on coastal erosion assessment from the perspective of climate change
    Climate Smart Lab members have recently published a study on the limitations of current coastal erosion assessments under climate change in the journal of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Ambio. This review article, entitled Coastal erosion and climate change: A review on coastal-change process and modeling, is delivered by […]