Researchers from the United States and Canada who specialize in climate change were to P.E.I. last week to analyze some of the intricate problems caused by post-tropical storm Fiona’s effects on the Island.

A climate discussion was held on Friday in St. Peter’s Bay thanks to the Canadian Centre for Climate Change and Adaptation at UPEI. Participants in the forum talked about the difficulties and potential benefits of pursuing further studies on the climate. On Wednesday and Thursday, visiting researchers were given a tour of P.E.I., stopping at locations affected by post-tropical storm Fiona in September. To observe the effects on woodlands and sand dune systems, which included Cavendish and Greenwich Beach. During Climate Forum, the undergraduate and graduate students along with the postdoctoral fellows had the opportunity to learn from the renowned speakers, and they also had the chance to ask questions.

Keynote Speakers’ presentations were followed by a panel discussion:

Professor Mark Rosen from Ontario Tech University, presented on Climate Change and Energy Sustainability highlighting the importance of sustainable systems.

Professor Arthur Degaetano from Cornell University, USA talked about regional climate services in the northeastern United States highlighting the importance of working with stakeholders to plan for future rainfall extremes.

Professor Amar Mohanty from the University of Guelph spoke about sustainable materials for the circular economy and stressed that the young generations play a significant role in the future of the planet and that climate change is now a PANDEMIC on the planet.

Professor Danika van Proosdij discussed coastal resilience and Nature Based Solutions for coastal protection.

Professor Chris Li from the University of Alberta emphasized the environmental challenges related to arsenic and the Panel discussion followed up with Professor Xing-Fang Li from the University of Alberta on water quality issues related to climate change and Professor Manjusri Misra highlighted the challenges for sustainable composites for lightweight electric vehicles to help mitigate climate change.

The visit of the forum speakers ended with a wrap-up session and a tour of the centre.

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