Overview of Agenda

9am – 1:00pm FLPP meeting (updates, opportunity for round table sharing) – Climate Centre, St. Peters Bay

·       FLPP project leads will have the opportunity to share short informal updates on 2022 projects and plans for 2023-24 focusing on progress, lessons learned, and challenges / needs. We will follow up closer to the date with more details and questions to help guide updates.

·       Opportunity for sharing from all participants.

·       Lunch provided

If you are unable to attend the meeting in person we may be able to arrange for virtual participation.

1pm – Plant Medicine Walk – Location: Canavoy Oaks Island Nature Trust Nature Trail.

Walk leader Helena Perry resides in Scotchfort, PEI, and is a Mi’kmaq naturalist and chartered herbalist. She is currently working with MCPEI on a FLPP project to develop a resource on native plants and tree species, with Mi’kmaq names and their traditional uses. 

We invite your ideas for agenda items and we look forward to seeing you there!

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