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Email: icakintunde@upei ca

Charles Akintunde is a second-year computer science student from Nigeria at UPEI. Prior to joining Climate Smart Lab, he interned as a Frontend Developer at, where he optimised the existing User Interface for a more robust user experience using Reactjs. He has experience with programming languages such as Java, Python, and Javascript, in addition to Reactjs and Firebase. Using these technologies, He has developed a number of class-based Java apps, as well as a number of intriguing personal projects, like Mini Twitter

( and Mini Gostore ( He acknowledges and respects people with talent, but he believes that anything and everything can be learned by anyone with sufficient time and effort. For this reason, he considers himself a “student in life”, a person with the ability to learn anything it requires to get the job done, in the face of obstacles..

Charles is now seeking to improve his programming skills, and he is especially interested in databases, backend or online API, and artificial intelligence.