Director of Climate Smart Lab, Dr. Xander Wang, and his two student members (Genevieve Keefe and Tianze Pang) attended the CZC2023 Conference on 11-15 June 2023 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

The conference theme is “Connecting Canadians with the Coast”. As Canada’s national conference for coastal zone management professionals, CZC2023 is aimed to share the passion for advancing scientific and traditional knowledge, engineering, social and policy awareness, and best practices of coastal zone management issues across Canada.  The conference also emphasizes the increasing importance of building a greater connection to the oceans and coastal zone environments as the society addresses hazards associated with a changing climate and increasing development and resource pressures.

Genevieve Keefe presents her research outcomes at CZC 2023

Tianze Pang presents his research outcomes at CZC 2023