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Dr. Muhammad Awais is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Canadian Center for Climate Change and Adaptation (CCCCA), University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI). Before joining the climate research Lab, Dr. Awais worked as an Postdoc Researcher at Jiangsu University, China. During his stay at Jiangsu University, he was led and participate different Provincial projects, e.g.: Cooperative R & D of Intelligent Irrigation System and Big Data Analytics Based on Inversion of UAV Remote Sensing Data, Intelligent irrigation decision system based on remote sensing data assimilation of crop model, Research and development of efficient intelligent sprinkler irrigation system based on UAV remote sensing data inversion. Dr. Awais was trained as an Agricultural Engineer with extensive experience in Agricultural Mechanization, Precision Agriculture, and High-throughput Phenotyping. His research is mainly focused on developing methodologies to efficiently utilize UAVs-based remote sensing imagery at a field scale. He participated in the most research projects with multidisciplinary, with close collaboration with experts in Engineering, Plant Science (breeding, plant physiology, climate change, water stress), Agronomy and other crop related professionals.


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