Ali Raisolsadat, an undergraduate student who started working at the Climate Smart Lab at the beginning of summer 2022, has finished his research on August 2022. He will now pursue his master’s program in mathematics at the University of Waterloo, beginning September 2022. Ali is a dedicated student. He worked directly with Dr. Xander Wang, Dr. Quan Dau, and Dr. Kai Liu from the School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences on a project of synergy contributions from a group of countries. On behalf of our Climate Smart Lab family, we wish you all the best of luck in your academic pathway.

As we bid Ali farewell, Climate Smart Lab would also like to welcome our new member, Emmanuel Okine Neokye, from Accra, Ghana. Emmanuel graduated with a Master Degree in Fisheries Science and Technology from the University of Kagoshima, Japan. He will join the Climate Smart Lab at the start of September 2022 to study the environmental and climate change impacts of fish species on PEI as a Ph.D. student. We’re excited to work with Emmanuel on his research project and, together, address the issue of global challenges nowadays.

Emmanuel Okine Neokye (left) and Ali Raisolsadat (right)