E: mkhan11507@upei.ca

Manzura joined the Climate Smart Lab at the Canadian Center for Climate Change and Adaptation at UPEI in January 2022. Before this, she was working for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) as Specialist in Bangladesh where she was responsible for coordination, implementation, report writing, and organizing events and workshop for FAO lead projects. She worked nine years in Bangladesh’s aquaculture, marine fisheries, and conservation sectors at both field and policy level and authored country’s first mud crab hatchery manual. Her experience on marine conservation was published in National Geographic’s official blog. Her academic background includes a bachelor’s and a graduate degree in fisheries from Bangladesh, and a second Masters in fisheries economics and aquaculture management from Norway, with an awarded NOMA-FAME scholarship. Her current research is focused on climate change impacts on PEI’s lobster fisheries.

Manzura feels connected and responsible for nature. She loves music and enjoys exploring new cities, food, and culture across the globe.

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