Farhan started his Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences at the School of Climate Change and Adaptation, UPEI, in January 2021. His research focused on Flood Risk Assessment and Management using numerical modeling applications. He did his Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) degree in Applied Hydrology from the College of Earth & Environmental Sciences, Punjab University Lahore, Pakistan, in 2012.

Before joining the Climate Smart Lab at UPEI, he worked on various water resources engineering projects, from concept to detailed design stages. During his professional career, Farhan has been a part of multidisciplinary project teams in global organizations like JACOBS, AECOM, USAID and WSP. His expertise includes experience providing engineering services in the planning and design of stormwater, wastewater and flood protection systems with a career spanning over nine years in Middle East & Pakistan.

Farhan is an active member of the Canadian and European Water Resources Associations. He enjoys Water & Climate-related events, traveling and getting together with friends in his spare time. His future vision is to bridge the gaps between academia and industry. Please feel free to contact him for any discussion and collaboration on the above themes.

PEOPLE Network Conference 2023

Farhan delivered an oral presentation (online) on “Compound Flood Risk Assessment for the City of Charlottetown” in the 6th annual conference of the global Network on Persistent, Emerging and Organic Pollution in the Environment (PEOPLE Network) held at Concordia University, Montreal, from August 7–11, 2023.

2022 Sustainability Micro-Grant Award from City of Charlottetown

Water and Sewer Utility Department of the City of Charlottetown awarded 2022 Sustainability Micro-Grant to Farhan Aziz, for the research project titled Improving Wastewater Systems through Sustainable Urban Drainage Strategies. The proposed study will assess the capacity and resilience of the existing wastewater collection system in Charlottetown for increasing population surges and extraneous flows. The proposed project will help minimize the quantity of extraneous flows by deploying sustainable urban drainage management strategies in Charlottetown. The study will initially highlight the hot spots of wastewater flooding in the city and porous pavements, rain barrels/gardens, vegetative swale and green roofs will be proposed in the second stage to reduce extraneous flows and improve the wastewater system capacity.

Project Webpage: Sustainability Microgrant Projects 2022 (City of Charlottetown)


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